Get Better Fuel Mileage By Controlling Excessive Speed

Speed is for adrenaline rush! Speed, to show your power over the four wheels cruising the streets. Speed is to feel the air in your hair, speed is to impress. Cliched, it may sound, but statistics show that every four out of five consider speeding while driving as a style factor. But did you know that speeding and at times the lack of it can help you get better mileage from your car?

Let's look at some tips that have first-hand success record of giving great results.

The magic number is 55mph: Research says that your mileage can decrease by 1% for every mile that you go beyond 55 miles per hour. Maintaining the optimum speed of 55mph can help you get good mileage says California Energy Commission. So simple math goes as follows:

If you drive at 75mph instead of 55mph you are crossing the optimum limit by 20mph which negatively impacts your mileage by 20%.

If you reach 60mph and increase your speed by 5mph, you may end up paying 10 pence per gallon.

Cruise Control is there for a reason: Use the cruise control of your car. It's there for a reason to give you control over your speeding, to give you peace of mind and to help you be a decent driver on the road. As you know, controlled speed equals to better mileage. Speeding, braking often, changing lanes frequently and rash driving can affect your car's mileage adversely to the extent of lowering your mileage by up to 33% on freeways. Does rash driving seem that stylish anymore?!

Controlled speeding is not difficult: Believe me I am not suggesting slow driving. In fact driving at a speed lower than the optimum speed necessary for your car and the road conditions will again decrease your mileage drastically. Maintaining your speed is also important which is why cruise control plays an important role in controlling your car's mileage. You will spend the same amount of gas in maintaining a speed of 35mph as you would in accelerating from zero to thirty-five. So braking every now and then and then speeding is not good for the car.

Keeping in mind some tips: Lower your window and stop your air conditioning before you start your car. Gain the optimum speed and switch on the air conditioning. Keep your feet off the gas and clutch pedal. This will reduce mechanical wear of your car and also help in achieving better fuel economy. Staying within the speeding limit will take away the speeding concern from your mind which will help you concentrate better on the road. Reduce your stress by letting people pass, by staying on your lane, by keeping speeding within limits.

Speeding and keeping an eye on it is the real thrill! Not just for a better mileage, but also for a longer life of your car. Don't drive too slow and don't drive too fast. Staying within limit is often smarter and cooler than staying off it!


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